Klášterní officína

Since 1537

Welcome to the official website of Klášterní oficína, which follows the tradition
of medieval monasterial apothecaries. Its purpose is to rediscover the forgotten prescriptions
and to financially support the reconstruction of a considerable cultural and clerical
centre – the Benedictine monastery in Rajhrad near Brno. First references of the Benedictine
monastery in Rajhrad near Brno date back to 1045, and up until now, it has remained the only
and the oldest Benedictine monastery in Moravia. Soon after the establishment of the monastery,
the monks started to – in the spirit of the motto "Ora et Labora" – work in the clerical administration,
teach at school, and systematically cultivate the tilth. Consequently, in 1537, they started to develop
the "Garden of Eden", in which they planted curative plants that were used for the creation
of curative liqueurs, elixires, tinctures, ointments and tea assortments. Centuries-old experience
in working with natural resources gave rise to well-proven, harmonized prescriptions,
which have beneficial effects even on people living in today's fast paced world.

Silybum marianum

Pills with lecithin and high vitamin C, E and D levels. Food supplement – high purity herbal extract. Supports cleansing processes and physiological liver functioning. Contains additional antioxidants.


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